Bonnie Brown's warm-hearted, laugh-out-loud memoir about starting over is here!
Giigle: How I Got Lucky Massaging Google has something for every reader.

• An insider’s look at Google culture – For anyone interested in learning more about the search engine giant and what life looks like “on the inside” from a rather stimulating point of view!

• Thoughts about the benefits of massage on health and spirituality – For massage therapists, massage students and teachers, and anyone who has experienced the healing power of touch.

• Zany globetrotting – For the world travelers and adventurers—both professionals and hobbyists—who can’t get enough out of their frequent flier miles.

• High-flying antics and the most embarrassing situations – Finally! Brown is a worthy cohort for those who seem to find themselves in the most unusual situations and predicaments!

• Encouragement to begin anew – For anyone who is forced to be a single parent, loses a job or a dream, is robbed of their possessions, and needs a little help learning how to make lemonade out of life’s lemons.